Warning: UK Home Owners and Buyers, Your walls could cost you!

UK Home Owners & Buyers Now Have a 30% Chance of Loosing All Their Equity! Don’t buy ANY property in the UK until you’re 100% sure what’s behind the walls! Many homes leak and its costing some people all their equity and life savings!

There’s nothing more deflating and stressful then finding out ‘down the track’ that a tiny leak in your home has rotted all the timber out from behind your walls, and you never knew about it! To compound the problem, you then need to rip your walls out to find the source of the leak. If the water has spread throughout, then say good bye to your equity!

Is your home or investment property already damaged or under serious threat? Unfortunately, most people only find out what’s behind their walls when they attempt to sell. What normally happens is your potential buyer does an infrared building inspection and finds hidden leaks. You then panic about the value of your home… and for good reason! A building inspector just isn’t enough; you need an infrared inspection!

Good News! We  can now detect signs of leaks & moisture without cutting into any wall, using a new high tech infra red camera! Is your child sleeping next to a moldy rotten wall and breathing in all types of mold spores? Are you also? We use state-of-the-art digital thermal imaging in your home to detect moisture abnormalities behind walls that you can’t see with the naked eye.

Ripping walls apart to source a leak can cost you BIG£££ . We don’t need to put any holes in your wall. A complete diagnoses of your home can be done is under 2 hrs, and comes with a complete written report will thermal image photos included. People have lost huge £££ because they ‘didn’t bother’ getting a moisture check up. One small ‘unseen’ leak can destroy the whole house… and it can happen fast..

Why not contact us today for a thorough checkup.